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CIMC-Made Enhances Cross-Taiwan Straits Communication
2011-12-05 11:52:00

  In the morning of November 30th, 2011, the maiden voyage ceremony of Passenger Ro-Ro ship from Pingtan, Fujian to Taizhong, Taiwan was held at Aoqian Wharf in Pingtan. About 500 people, including passengers from both sides of the Straits, working staff and reporters, took the ship to Taiwan.

  Aoqian Wharf is the nearest port to Taiwan from mainland. The opening of this ship route provided another convenient passageway for the communication of people and exchange of goods of both sides of the Straits.

  Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa Airport Support Ltd. had provided its self-developed baggage handling system for Aoqian Wharf. In July, 2011, the construction unit of Aoqian Wharf issued the tender of passenger baggage handling system. And finally, CIMC-TianDa won the project contract out of many competitors with optimal offer of design, performance and service capability.

  The project team of CIMC-TianDa, in order to overcome the tight schedule and heavy project task, had been cooperating closely and communicating well with the construction unit. The installation, commissioning and testing of the system had been accomplished successfully and passed the acceptance test before maiden voyage. This not only ensured the successful opening up of the wharf, but also earned the recognition of the customer.

  The self-developed baggage handling system and all types of single-unit equipments made by CIMC-TianDa have been awarded the Airport Equipment Licence from the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China. The current ongoing projects include the manufacturing and installation of baggage handling system for the new terminal building of Jinjiang Airport and reconstruction project of baggage handling system for Ningbo Airport.


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