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The Zhejiang LNG Receiving Terminal project of TGE successfully completed the loading to the three sets of storage tank
2012-10-16 17:11:00

On 2nd October 2012, TGE Project No.5059, the Zhejiang LNG Receiving Terminal project successfully completes the first time natural gas discharging commissioning.and completed the cooling and loading to the storage tank A and tank C of the Zhejiang LNG receiving terminal. It was learned,the agenda of cooling down and loading for the last LNG storage tank (B) will be operated after 8th October.


On 19th September, TGE Project 05059GE team  had received the Carrier Zarga Q-Max into the terminal (capacity 266,000 M3, Length 345M and Width 55M).  During the 10 days period from 19th to 29th September, Project 05059GE team cooled down the two storage tanks by LNG loading, and completed the first time discharging commissioning of the Zhejiang LNG terminal, the last LNG storage tank (B) will be operated after 8th October. TGE project coordination team would eventually complete the three sets of 160,000M3 LNG storage project.

The success of the project is attributed to be hard-won:No accident over 5.25 million working hours and surpassing the strict contract quality requirement, including the 98% of RTY of the 9% steel liner, are just part of excellent result of the onsite project team.The mechanical completion of the three sets of large LNG storage tanks hold milestone significance, representing obtaining the management award from the owner HSE continuously for two years the since the contract signature, and the excellent QC record, and the effort through final completion of the whole process.



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