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CIMC Enric successfully acquired the core assets of the Germany Ziemann group
2012-10-19 18:00:00

An asset purchase agreement was entered in August 14, 2012 between CIMC ENRIC and Germany Ziemann group, a brew technology and turnkey-solution provider, in which CIMC ENRIC  purchased the major assets, land and plant buildings of Ziemann Ludwigsburg, Ziemann Services and Ziemann + Bauer, and the shares of Ziemann Consulting, Ziemann Australia, Ziemann USA, Ziemann Asia-Holding and Ziemann Asia-Pacific respectively with 26.502 million Euros.


Ziemann group was established in 1852, its headquarters is located in Ludwigsburg, a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg state(hereafter called Baden-Wü rttemberg)in the southwest of Germany, is a German family owned business that has 160 years of operating history. Ziemann is currently the world's leading provider of brewery turnkey-solution and saccharification workshop technology, the company has advanced technology, enjoys global honor and brand recognition in the beer equipment industry.


This acquisition will enable CIMC ENRIC to promote its brand, marketing network, production technology, automation technology and project performance of its liquid food equipment business. At the same time, the acquisition will help CIMC Enric develop the capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions, and enhance the company's competitive advantage in the liquid food equipment industry.


With the joining of Ziemann, CIMC ENRIC will have Ziemann and Holvrieka two international brands in the liquid food equipment field. This will greatly help CIMC stride to the development process of world class enterprise.



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