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    COSLPROSPECTOR On Her Way To Operate In South China Sea  date:2015-04-30

    On 30 April 2015, COSLPROSPECTOR left the deep-water wharf of CIMC Raffles and officially joined the deep-water fleet of CNOOC.
    COSLPROSPECTOR is the fourth deep-water semisubmersible drilling rig delivered by CIMC Raffles for COSL. It can operate in all sea areas except for the arctic zone. With the operation depth up to 1,500 meters, drilling depth to 7,600 meters, designed temperature -20℃, accommodation for 130 personnel and the maximum variable deck load of 5,500 tons, it is equipped with most advanced NOV drilling system and DP3 dynamic position system and classed by DNV and CCS.
    As the high-qualified project, COSLPROSPECTOR is satisfied with NORSOK requirements. For instance, living area noise should be controlled under 45 db, which means you can hear clearly a needle falling.
    Mr. Yan Yongjun, the CIMC Raffles Yantai Shipyard general manager, who was responsible for commissioning and sea trial, is filled with excitement. For Mr. Yan, 1,050 days and nights, 46,696 inspection points and 2 containers of delivered documents are now replaying like a movie in his mind. This is the ninth deep-water semisubmersible rig commissioned by Mr. Yan’s team.
    Mr. Sun Guang, DNV site manager, said “Due to its advanced and complicated character of classification and high-level construction quality, COSLPROSPECTOR can be satisfied with operation requirements in the North Sea and Barents Sea. As far as I think, COSLPROSPECTOR is on behalf of the most advanced semisubmersible rig construction in China and it is even in the worldwide top-class level. The delivery of COSLPROSPECTOR is testament to the strength of Chinese offshore industry.”
    Since the delivery on 19th November 2014, an 80-engineer team cooperated between COSL Drilling Europe and HYSY 981, has been dedicated to 25 preparation projects including ROV system, combustion beam system and mud log system. Fifty of them spent Chinese Spring Festival on the rig. Four-year experience in the North Sea, COSL becomes a veteran in harsh-environmental deep-water operation and management. The operation of COSLPROSPECTOR is another testament for COSL to manifest his international management.
    Since 2010, nine deep-water semisubmersible rigs have set off from CIMC Raffles Yantai Shipyard, spreading in North Sea, Brazil, West Africa and South China Sea. Currently there are five deep-water semisubmersible drilling rigs constructing in CIMC Raffles, including three GM4-D semisubmersible drilling rigs which can be operated in the arctic area and two 7th-generation semisubmersible drilling rigs D90. At the same time, three more deep-water semisubmersible drilling rigs are in the design period. Yantai becomes a vital design, construction and sea trial center in China due to breakthroughs in deep-water semisubmersible drilling rig bulk design and constructions.