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    Second Seven-Generation Ultra-deepwater Submersible Rig Kicks off  date:2014-02-28

    In the morning of 28th February, 2014, the second seven-generation ultra-deepwater submersible drilling rig commences in Haiyang production base, which is built by CIMC Raffles for Frigstad Deepwater. Mr. Harald Frigstad, the President of Frigstad and Mr. Yu Ya, President of CIMC Raffles start the steel cutting machine together.

    HaraldFrigstad said, Now we are back in CIMC Haiyang yard to witness the steel cutting of FrigstadDeepwater rig ‘Beta’. This is the 2nd FrigstadDeepwater rig under construction, and the 3rdFrigstad D90 rig to be built by CIMC Raffles Yard.We are well underway with the 1stFrigstadDeepwaterLtd rig construction, the rig ‘Alpha’. We have also started the marketing of these FrigstadDeepwater Ltd rigs, and we have had a very positive feedback from the market on the technical and operational capabilitiesof these rigs. China has now established itself as one of the major rig building players in the world, and is in our opinion on the way to become the leading  rig builder also in the top end of the rig segment, which is the top end of Ultra Deepwater (UDW) Rig segment where D90 is placed, namely the 7th. Generation rig class.

    Yu Ya said, After holdingthe steel cutting ceremony for FrigstadDeepwater RigAlfa six months ago,today we ushers the steel cutting of its sister rig FrigstadDeepwater Rig Beta. It marks our constant development on designing and construction to carry out steel cutting in succession for two 3600M seventh generation of ultra-deepwatersemi-submersible drilling rigs. Meanwhile, it’s a new start and challenge for us to march towards the field of deep ocean oil and gas equipment. We aim to the delivery on time with high quality, and to achieve this, we shall take advantages of designing and assembly construction, strengthen project management, provide sufficient resources, optimize workmanship, improve efficiency, cooperate with owners, classifications and other partners and ensure the fulfillment of each milestone. We shall spare no efforts with scientific attitude, determined spirit and more efforts.

    Frigstad Deepwater Rig Beta belongs to the latest generation of ultra deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig. It is the second one constructed by CIMC Raffles for Frigstad Deepwater Company, and also the tenth submersible drilling rig CIMC Raffles has built.This platform is a drilling rig with length of 177meters, width of 92.7 meters and height of 118 meters, maximum displacement of 70000 tons, maximum operating water depth of 12000 feet (3658 meters), drilling depth of 50000 feet (15250 meters) and dual top drives load of 1250sh.tons.Besides, it is equipped with DP3 dynamic positioning system. It’s classed by DNV. It owns spacious efficient space and convenient maintenance access and for the first time, employs DP3 enclosed circle design, detritus cabin processing and storage system and ballast water treatment system.

    The basic design is finished by Frigstad Engineering, and CIMC Raffles will follow up with the detail and shop design, the construction and commissioning, as well as to assemble and trial run the complete set of drilling system. It is scheduled to be delivered in first half year of 2016. It will be adaptable to the sea areas of Gulf of Mexican, south sea of China, Australia, Brazil, South Atlantic and etc.

    On the 28th August, 2013, the sister rig of Frigstad Deepwater Rig Beta, the Frigstad Deepwater Rig Alfa was kicked off in Haiyang, which was the first seven-generation ultra deepwater submersible drilling rig built by CIMC Raffles ever. Harald Frigstad said that:”China is striving to become the leader of offshore equipment construction industry, and we are confident it will achieve the goal.”

    The increment of oil and gas will mainly depend on the deep and even ultra-deepwater in the ocean. It is estimated by professional institute that the compound annual growth rate of deepwater gas and oil would reach 20%. And in the recent 5 years, 85% of the new built rigs are for ultra deep water. The two units of what CIMC Raffles is building are just for meeting the growing demand of the market.