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    [Announcement] CHANGE OF OWNER NAME AND MANAGER – FRIGSTAD DEEPWATER Rig Alfa/Beta  date:2016-12-06



    To Whom it May Concern

    6 December 2016


    Dear Sir/Madam

    Please be informed that the ownership of Frigstad Deepwater Ltd (the “Company”) has been changed. The Frigstad Group, one of the two shareholders in the Company, agreed to sell all of its shares to the CIMC Group on 18 November 2016. CIMC and Frigstad Group has decided that this solution is in the mutual interest of both parties

    As a consequence of the above, Frigstad Deepwater Ltd has been renamed to “CIMC Bluewhale Rig Ltd” andhas become a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIMC Group. The commercial and operational management of the rigs “Frigstad Shekou” and “Frigstad Kristiansand” which are currently under construction at CIMC Yantai Raffles shipyard will be taken over by Bluewhale Offshore Pte Ltd, also a subsidiary of the CIMC Group, with effect from 23 December 2016. However, Bluewhale Offshore may contact you before this date to coordinate the transition. 

    The name of the rigs and respective owner companies will also be amended as follows:

    Hull number: H1277

    Previous rig name: Frigstad Shekou (formerly Frigstad Deepwater Rig Alfa)

    New rig name: Bluewhale I

    Previous owner name: Frigstad Deepwater Rig Alfa Ltd 

    New owner name: CIMC Bluewhale Rig I Ltd


    Hull number: H1278

    Previous rig name: Frigstad Kristiansand (formerly Frigstad Deepwater Rig Beta)

    New rig name: Bluewhale II

    Previous owner name: Frigstad Deepwater Rig Beta Ltd 

    New owner name: CIMC Bluewhale Rig II Ltd

    The rig owning companies will still be incorporated in Cayman Islands and are the same legal entities as before. 


    Address and contact for enquiries and notices under any contracts/purchase orders shall be as follows:

    Bluewhale Offshore Pte Ltd

    No.1 Claymore Drive, #08-04 Orchard Towers, Rear Block apartment, Singapore 229594

    Attention: Asbjorn Vavik, Chief Operating Officer


    Telephone: +86 133 5695 2543, +47 915 71 758


    You may contact Mr Asbjorn Vavik, Chief Operation Officer of Bluewhale Offshore and below listed contacts, for any further clarifications on the change in ownership and rig manager.


    Per Tore Urdshals


    Rig Manager

    Tavora Marcelo



    Ronald Xu Jingsheng


    Assistant COO

    Chiam KP


    HR Advisor

    Pascal Busch


    QHSE Manager