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    China’s first set complete solutions of floating power station and LNG-FSRU has been approved by international classification society  date:2017-04-18

    Recently, 50MW gas turbine floating power station, 100MW gas turbine floating power station and 24000m3 LNG-FSRU which developed by CIMC Raffles have AIP approval by ABS, and received the AIP certificate. By report, it’s the first floating power station system which be approved officially. It shows that, the system theory and safe reliability of this system have been professionally recognized by international classification society, and we have the right to recommend this system to our clients. The homemade design of this kind of system has been realized.

    What is the complete solution of floating power station?

    The complete solution of floating power station is a special working ship which regards provides electricity services as purpose. It’s a power station built on barge, and provide LNG clean energy by floating LNG storage and regasification unit (LNG-FSRU). It’s mainly used for developing countries lacking basic power facilities. The floating power station system can be equipped with one or more gas engine, diesel engine, boiler or small nuclear reactor to generate electricity using natural gas, fuel oil, heavy oil or nuclear energy. Usually, the floating power station docks near the island or coast, the electric power import to the local power grid, or for other purposes. The floating power station is maneuverable, convenient and it has short construction period and little pollution. What’s more, it takes up no land. Because of these advantages, it can satisfy the demand of areas and islands which electric power facilities are weak.


    LNG-FSRU means floating LNG storage and regasification unit, which provide energy for the floating power station. LNG-FSRU receive LNG from LNG carrier, and store the LNG in the storage hold of FSRU. LNG will turn into gas after warming by the regasification unit, and transported to floating power station by flexible risers.

    50MW & 100MWgas turbine floating power station and 24000m3 LNG-FSRU complete solution got AIP certified by ABS, it means that CIMC Raffles has the ability to design floating power station with different main engine or output power independently. It can meet different customers’ needs and provide diverse solutions for clients.